How to cleanse your liver?

The liver carries out a vital function, notably by filtering toxins and waste produced by or from outside the body. However, when under too much stress, the liver can become congested. Here are a few tips for cleansing your liver and keeping it healthy.

Often underestimated, the liver is nonetheless one of the key organs of the body. It is responsible for filtering and transforming harmful substances found in the blood – alcohol, tobacco, medications, toxins and waste resulting from digestion and fermentation, etc. –, which are then eliminated via the kidneys or intestine.

In addition to this transformative function, the liver also plays a role in the production of bile, which helps us digest food more easily and in maintaining a balanced metabolism. It also plays a role in cholesterol production in the body, together with protein synthesis and building up vitamin and mineral reserves.


Did you know...

The liver is one of the heaviest organs in the body: it weighs approximately 1.5 kilograms.
Around 1.4 litres of blood from the bloodstream or gut pass through the liver every minute.


Signs and consequences of a congested liver: nausea

Signs and consequences of a congested liver

As we can see, the liver is an essential organ in so many respects, hence it is vital to look after it. However, the liver can sometimes become congested. When under too much stress, due to excesses, it is no longer able to function in an optimum manner. Excessively rich meals, but also tobacco or alcohol abuse, imbalanced diets, obesity and even diabetes, can take a heavy toll on the liver.

Slow, difficult digestion , indigestion, epigastric pain, nausea, bloating, revulsion for excessively fatty food, dull skin or yellowish complexion can be signs your liver is struggling.

This situation can ultimately lead to more serious problems.

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Protect and cleanse your liver; an essential step

A healthy lifestyle is recommended in order to protect and cleanse your liver. The liver has an aversion to abuse, and the main culprits are alcohol, too many simple carbohydrates, meat, fat and certain medications.

In contrast, your liver will appreciate fresh fruit and vegetables, especially oranges, lemons, artichoke, dandelion, watercress and chicory. It is also healthier when you are relaxed and well rested.

Cleanse your liver thanks to the effect of plants

It is sometimes also necessary to take time to cleanse and detox your liver.
Several plants contribute to a healthy liver:

  • artichoke stimulates bile production;
  • dandelions detoxify;
  • milk thistle revitalises the liver;
  • melon protects it.

These plants have been known since ancient times for their effectiveness and benefits for liver function. With their extensive experience in plant-based health, Laboratoires ORTIS have combined these four plants to help support your liver, and thus help your body function properly.

Detox your liver with regular 20-day courses, at changes of season for instance, or for a few days after particularly copious meals.

Additional information about these plants and ingredients: