How to soothe your stomach naturally?

Digestive problems, particularly heartburn, can occur at any time. Although they are certainly only occasional, acid reflux and heartburn are nevertheless very unpleasant.

Heartburn and acid reflux are a very common cause of digestive discomfort in the general population. More than 10% of adults, men and women alike, report experiencing these discomforts on a regular basis.


Brûlures d’estomac: les causes

Heartburn: the causes

The stomach plays an important part in the digestion and the degradation of the food we eat. In order to perform this function in an optimal way, our body continuously produces gastric acid. The mucus that is also produced naturally protects the walls of our stomachs.

Normally, the gastric contents have to remain in the stomach because a sphincter, a circular muscle that is located between the stomach and the oesophagus, becomes closed. If too much gastric acid is produced, the gastric contents can go up into the oesophagus.

This imbalance in gastric acid production can be associated with many causes: stress, poor sleep, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, foods that are acidic (vinegar, tomatoes, citrus fruits) or too fatty, etc. Sometimes there can also be a malformation in the oesophageal sphincter so that does not close properly.


Did you know?

Heartburn and gastric reflux most frequently commonly occur in the two to three hours following a meal. They are also common during the night. In fact, lying down favours this phenomenon.


heartburn: avoid meals that are large and full of fat, spicy and acidic foods

How to combat heartburn?

Some tips can help you limit the heartburn in your daily life:

  • Avoid meals that are large and full of fat, spicy and acidic foods, coffee, alcohol and tobacco;
  • limit fizzy drinks;
  • take your time eating;
  • learn to overcome and manage your stress better;
  • after eating in the evening, wait 3 hours before going to bed or playing sports;
  • have your head raised when sleeping.

If these precautions are insufficient, two solutions can be considered:

  • line the wall of the stomach and oesophagus;
  • regulate the production of gastric acid.


Heartburn and acid reflux: natural solutions

Some plants and natural ingredients can help you to relieve heartburn:

  • alginates, obtained from algae, are able to line the stomach walls and thus rapidly relieve heartburn;
  • amla regulates the excessive production of gastric acid;
  • liquorice, on the other hand, increases the production of mucus.

ORTIS has developed two products based on these natural ingredients to help you recover digestive comfort and promote the well-being of your stomach.

Additional information about these plants and ingredients: