How to relieve and prevent nausea?

Although, nausea usually occurs infrequently and is mild, it is nonetheless highly unpleasant. Discover our natural remedies and advice for preventing or relieving nausea.

« I feel queasy and get travel sick. »

We have all found ourselves in this situation!
Indigestion, and the nausea which accompanies it, are very common and require rapid relief!


Causes of nausea : anxiety, migraine, travel, etc...

Nausea can be caused by numerous factors

The causes of nausea vary and may or may not be associated with indigestion and feeling sick.

It can thus be related to:

  • pregnancy;
  • travel;
  • anxiety;
  • excessive alcohol consumption;
  • transient indigestion;
  • poor diet;
  • etc.


Did you know...

Nausea during pregnancy is related to the high levels of pregnancy hormones in the blood, referred to as HCG in blood tests, and also known as the pregnancy hormone. Revulsion, loss of appetite and digestive discomfort usually go hand in hand with nausea.



Geste simple pour réduire les haut-le-cœur: boire par petites quantités mais suffisamment tout au long de la journée

A few simple steps to reduce nausea

To counter these particularly unpleasant signs,

you should:

  • drink sufficient fluids, but in small quantities, throughout the day;
  • eat light meals which take your fancy, and eat slowly;
  • opt for carbohydrates;
  • avoid foods which are too sugary, too fatty or too spicy, as these are harder to digest;
  • chew a piece of ginger;
  • drink a herbal tea with mint, lemon balm or lemon;
  • find a quiet place to rest;
  • place a cold towel on your forehead;
  • avoid unpleasant odours or the smell of cooking;
  • get some fresh air;
  • etc.

Plants for rapid relief from digestive discomfort

Some plants have special properties which reduce nausea.
Peppermint promotes digestion. It is renowned for its very fast action: it acts on nausea within less than twenty minutes. Ginger has a more potent, but slower action on indigestion and nausea.
Lastly, marshmallow enhances the natural protection of the stomach mucosa and thus eases digestion.

Laboratoires ORTIS have combined the action of these three plants in a single product for rapid relief of nausea and a restored sense of lightness.

Additional information about these plants and ingredients: