How to strengthen your immune defences?

Throughout the year, our bodies must combat numerous viruses that are circulating. Discover the advice as well as the natural solutions developed by Laboratoires ORTIS to strengthen your immune defences, reduce the risk of falling ill or rapidly relieve your minor ailments.

Blocked nose, runny nose, dry or chesty cough, aches and chills, sore throat, hoarse voice... Each year, and particularly in autumn and winter, it is difficult to avoid the numerous viruses that tend to affect us.

While these seasonal illnesses are not serious for people in good health, they are nonetheless unpleasant and prevent us from feeling good. Children, more specifically, are more vulnerable to these minor ailments that can quickly overwhelm them.
To avoid catching this kind of virus, or to fight them more easily once they catch hold, we need to strengthen our immune defences.

Strengthen your immune defences to avoid viruses

Strengthen your immune defences to avoid viruses

To improve your body’s resistance, , it is especially essential to eat a balanced diet, so as to give your body all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs. It is particularly advisable to take vitamin D, which is naturally found in oily fish, dark chocolate and eggs, because it contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

Even if we have a tendency to move less while the cold is nipping at your nose, it is important to continue to practice a physical activity, in the fresh air if possible. Good quality sleep Good quality sleep is also essential to avoid weakening your defences.


Strengthen your immune defences with propolis

Strengthen your immune defences with propolis

During more critical periods, when you feel more tired or during an epidemic, for example, it can also be useful to give our bodies a helping hand, and to strengthen our immune defences. To this end, propolis allows us to stimulate our immune system in a totally healthy way.


Did you know?

Propolis comes from bee hives. Having collected a resinous substance from the buds of certain trees, the bees mix it with wax and enzymes that they secrete, thus forming propolis. Propolis is used by the bees to keep their hive healthy. It holds several virtues. It is a natural antiseptic and is recognised for allowing the body to better combat seasonal ailments.


Certain plants also have particular virtues that help us protect ourselves against the cold seasons:

  • elderberry, andrographis and Siberian ginseng support the body’s resistance;
  • pelargonium and erysimum have a soothing effect on the throat and promote respiratory well-being;
  • Siberian ginseng tones the body;
  • wild thyme soothes the irritated respiratory tracts, the throat and the vocal chords;
  • thyme clears blocked airways;
  • etc.

A range of natural solutions to strengthen your immune defences

Thanks to their long experience in phytohealth, Laboratoires ORTIS have developed a complete range of products with some formulations for children and some for adults, in order to strengthen the immune defences and as such limit the risk of falling ill.

Certain solutions also make it possible to rapidly alleviate the first signs such as: a blocked or runny nose, the feeling of going hot and cold, irritated or blocked respiratory tracts, a sore throat, hoarse voice, etc. For every cold snap, there is an ORTIS solution.

Additional information about these plants and ingredients: