What type of transit problem are you experiencing?

A transit problem?
All too frequently, a personal tale

"Bloating, aerophagia..." feeling heavy, uncomfortable in myself, with all the unpleasant effects associated with poor transit? Not for me!

"My swollen stomach tightens and twists", stops me moving freely and getting the most out of my day… No thanks!

Irregular or disrupted transit is not unusual!

And yet! Irregular or disrupted transit is not unusual!

Did you know that 2 in 3 women, 50% of seniors and 20% of men claim to suffer from intestinal transit problems? The discomfort caused by poor transit has a very detrimental effect on quality of life.

Is our lifestyle to blame?

Our increasingly hectic lifestyle often goes hand in hand with a poor diet: we don’t drink enough water, or eat enough fruits or fibres.

Restaurants, business travel, sedentary lifestyle, stress and all types of excess are still the most obvious cause of irregular transit.

However, it is not inevitable, and there is no reason to tolerate it without taking action!

What type of transit problem are you experiencing?

What type of transit problem are you experiencing?

OCCASIONAL sluggish intestinal transit

Occasional sluggish digestion can affect anyone. Irregular transit is usually due to a change in habits. When travelling or on vacation, our eating habits change, we eat at irregular times, and often don’t pay attention... Not to mention toilets which can sometimes be quite unpleasant...

In short, it’s not at all like being at home!

Stressful periods or even taking certain medications (pain relief or cough suppressants) can also cause transient sluggish intestinal transit.

Testimonial: OCCASIONAL sluggish intestinal transit

aged 34, with two children

As a mother, I have a super busy lifestyle juggling the office, shopping and my children’s activities. This breakneck stressful pace of life has an impact on my intestinal transit, and I haven’t passed any stools for a few days. This is affecting my professional and social life. I only have this problem now and again, and I don’t want to take medication as I worry about side effects.

I need a natural but fast-acting solution!

Fruits and ingredients naturally high in fibres

The natural solution from Laboratoires ORTIS: Fruits&Fibres FORTE , selected plants for a fast action on your intestinal transit. Have you been suffering from sluggish intestinal transit recently? At some point, we can all have difficulty passing small hard stools…

A new 2-in-1 formula:
action on transit + bloating

The efficacy of Fruits&Fibres FORTE is based on a synergistic plant action and a purified Tibetan rhubarb extract, developed by Laboratoires ORTIS, which offers an optimum balance between hydration and a stimulant effect on the intestines.

This new formula with clinically proven efficacy acts rapidly intestinal transit thanks to rhubarb, fig and tamarind, and also helps with bloating due to the benefits of caraway, without dependency, irritation or side effects.

Fruits&Fibres FORTE, plants for fast action on your transit

FREQUENT sluggish intestinal transit

A sedentary lifestyle, age, hormone imbalances, insufficient dietary fibres or meals which are too rich, too fatty or over refined... are factors which can disrupt proper intestinal function. Megacolon can also cause slow transit in some cases.

In short, when diet cannot rebalance transit alone...

We pass stools less frequently... and the problem then tends to set in! This is mainly due to the stools being insufficiently hydrated.

The alimentary bolus passes through the intestine at a normal rate, but expulsion is difficult, irregular, often incomplete and even painful.

Testimonial: FREQUENT sluggish intestinal transit

Solange et René

My husband and I frequently suffer from slow transit. We have become more sedentary with age.
Our diet is not enough to maintain regular transit.

We need to REGULATE our transit naturally and sustainably

The natural solution from Laboratoires ORTIS: Fruit and ingredients naturally high in fibres

The efficacy of Fruits&Fibres REGULAR is based on the synergistic properties of plants with a lasting rebalancing effect on intestinal function thanks to its potent hydrating effect, combined with its moderate stimulant and bulking action.

The 100% natural origin ingredients of Fruits& Fibres:

  • Rhubarb helps to facilitate intestinal transit.
  • Fig contributes to good intestinal health.
  • Tamarind is known to promote transit thanks to its bulk-producing.
  • No added sugars; contains sugars naturally present.
  • No preservatives
  • No sweeteners

Fruits&Fibres REGULAR, plants to effectively regulate the transit smoothly