How to prevent fatigue?

Everyone at some point experiences fatigue, varying in intensity and duration. Discover our tips and natural plant-based solutions for restoring full vitality.

The intensity, type and duration of fatigue can vary, depending on the situation. We can thus experience a sudden bout of fatigue, or sluggishness, at any time of the day. We can also experience short-term fatigue, for instance, related to a change of season, or after a viral infection, such as influenza. Lastly, in some cases, we can feel completely drained: we then experience intense fatigue.

Fatigue can also be physical or mental. We can feel weak, with heavy arms and legs, but also feel mentally exhausted.


Fatigue: stress, sleep disorders

Fatigue: causes and repercussions

Fatigue can be related to a vast number of causes and may be a symptom of numerous illnesses. Nevertheless, in most cases, short-term fatigue usually stems from a suboptimal lifestyle: not getting enough sleep, feeling stressed , not eating well, not getting enough exercise, etc. Fatigue can also be related to sleep disorders , pregnancy, a viral or bacterial infection, or even the ageing process.


Useful tips

If fatigue occurs suddenly, with no real explanation, if it persists and/or is associated with other symptoms, it is essential to seek medical advice.

Fatigue can also be expressed in different ways. Loss of vitality, drowsiness, muscle weakness and difficulty concentrating are the most common effects. In some cases, fatigue can also be accompanied by a sense of depression.


Energising foods to fight fatigue

Energising foods to fight fatigue

To fight fatigue, you first need to address the cause. If you are not getting enough sleep, you should remedy this by sleeping for longer. Try to go to bed at a set time, and sleep for the optimum length of time for your body’s requirements. If you have been going through a particularly stressful period, you should start to feel less tired once things have settled down.

Likewise, check that you do not have any deficiencies and adjust your diet as necessary. Some foods, rich in vitamins, can thus give you an energy boost:

  • kiwi fruit and citrus fruit;
  • broccoli and bell pepper;
  • salmon and cod.

Also pay attention to magnesium, found in pulses, spinach and nuts, together with iron, to reduce the risk of anaemia.

Ginseng and guarana for an energy boost

If you are still struggling to shake off fatigue despite these pointers, you can give your body a helping hand. Several natural plant-based health products are available.

Laboratoires ORTIS have developed a range of solutions suited to different needs, to help you regain your vitality. These products notably contain ginseng and guarana, two plants renowned for their effect on fatigue.


Additional information about these plants and ingredients: