Is your stomach swollen? Is bloating making you uncomfortable?

Also described as “breaking wind”, “gas” or “wind”, along with flatulence or aerophagia, bloating is caused by the accumulation of gas in the small intestine. This causes tightness of the intestine, and therefore abdominal swelling which can sometimes cause significant discomfort.

Sluggish intestines can also cause additional bloating with even more discomfort. It is thus necessary to be even more attentive to your lifestyle.
Do you need to feel lighter? Eat a balanced diet, exercise and relax!

Combining certain plants in food supplements can help regulate intestinal transit (rhubarb, senna), but can also reduce bloating sensations (caraway and fennel).

Different solutions exist regardless of the type of intestinal discomfort, whether or not you suffer from bloating!

For prevention

  • Drink between 1.5 and 2 litres of fluid (water, tea, fruit juice) daily.
  • Exercise! Walking and cycling promote good intestinal transit.
  • Limit stress (for instance, by doing relaxation or breathing exercises).
  • Check with your doctor in case medication might be to blame (medications containing codeine)
  • Eat at regular times and avoid eating on the go; take your time around the table.
  • Gradually increase your fibre intake to promote a mechanical effect on intestinal transit (tamarind, figs, prunes, cereals, etc.).

Correct poor toilet habits

  • Go to the toilet when you are not likely to be disturbed or stressed.
  • Go to the toilet when the need arises. Do not hold back!

However, sometimes a balanced, varied and colourful diet is not enough…


The efficacy of plants for improved transit

The natural solution to your discomfort is based on the intake of fibres and hydrating or stimulant plant active ingredients.

  • Fibres absorbs water and forms a gel which hydrates the stools, helping them pass through the intestine more easily.
  • Numerous plants exist which help improve transit. When combined and at the right concentrations, these help stimulate intestinal function in complete safety.
    Among these different plants, rhubarb, tamarind and fig are the basis of our 100% natural Fruits&Fibres solutions, without dependency or side effects. Combination with caraway also helps with bloating.
Additional information about these plants and ingredients: