Where to find our products?
ORTIS products are available in health food stores, pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Our expertise

Plant selection

Selection of plants which are the most effective and the safest to use, to be included in the composition of products destined for the market.

Defining the product formula

Development of the product formula, comprising several ingredients, by the Research and Development teams.

Research and purchase of raw materials

Research and purchase of raw materials, ORGANIC if possible and of exceptional quality, with an active substance content and specifications corresponding to the very stringent standards stipulated by ORTIS

Manufacture of the product

in the production phase, first on a pilot scale, then on a larger scale

Constant control

During the production phase, numerous mandatory, blocking, in-house control tests

Packaging and shipment

Packaging of products and packing into cartons strictly in compliance with safety and consumer information regulations