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The difference between constipation and lazy bowels

Let’s be clear: constipation and lazy bowels are two different things

The Western lifestyle, which characterised by a frenetic pace combined with a refined diet that is low in fibres, high in sugar and fat, contributes to the occurrence of diseases or physical conditions that can make daily life difficult.

Constipation and lazy bowels are disorders that affect an increasing number of people.

Slow, lazy bowels should not be considered as a disease, in contrast to constipation, which is recognised as a disease by the WHO (World Health Organisation). The more or less minor inconveniences that result are all related to organic or functional changes in the intestines.

Pathology and constipation

Constipation, unlike lazy bowels, is a disease and requires medical follow-up: it is obvious that, most of the time, it is necessary to act on the cause(s) of the discomfort that have sometimes been present for years, by using prescription drugs and laxatives in order to cure this physical condition.

Constipation can also be idiopathic, meaning that it originates from a disease that exists on its own, without depending on another disease. In such a case, as well as in the case of lazy bowels, it is important to change dietary habits, enrich meals with fruits and vegetables and high-fibres foods, and drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

Moderate physical activity is also effective because for both disorders, because it stimulates intestinal activity. Consumption of natural food supplements can also provide beneficial assistance.