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Alginic acid extract of phaeophyceae algae

Alginic acid extract of phaeophyceae algae

The principal organisms consisting of alginates are brown algae. They are made up of more than 40% which constitutes the most abundant polysaccharide in these organisms. Alginic acid.

Active components

Mannuronate (mannuronic acid) and guluronate (guluronic acid).


Soluble at a basic pH, the alginates form a light gel when they come into contact with stomach acid, which allows them to float to the surface of the stomach content at the gastroesophageal junction. In the case of reflux, only the gel and not the acidic liquid will reflux into the oesophagus. Moreover, it will line the oesophagus, thus preventing the stomach fluids from coming into contact with the mucous membrane. In addition, its viscosity and coherence form a physical barrier that prevents reflux and therefore reduces the number of regurgitations. Finally, the alginate reduces gastric acidity.

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