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A herbaceous plant with small bright yellow or yellowish-orange flowers and grey to bluish-green foliage - Fine, alternating pinnate leaves with deep splits – Fruits in long green capsules with tapered edges (shaped like a nightcap) containing tiny seeds.

Latin name

Eschscholzia californica Cham.


California and the south west of the United States.

Used part

The aerial parts.

Active components

Alkaloids: responsible for the hypnotic, sedative and anxiolytic action.
The use of the plant does not cause any addiction or dependency.


Due to the presence of numerous Eschscholtzia in California, this plant was adopted as the official state flower. Eschscholtzia flowers abundantly and serves well to fill any gaps in herbaceous borders. Like poppy seeds that are used in certain baked goods, nightcap seeds can also be used in cooking. The plant has long been used by South-Western Native American tribes as a mild anaesthesia for pain and various complaints, such as colic and toothache. It is currently used to promote relaxation and improve the quality of natural sleep. 1-5

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