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Passion flower

Passion flower

A perennial climbing plant that hooks on with its tendrils. A herbaceous plant that disappears completely in winter in cold regions - Alternate leaves held by a downy petiole of 1-2 cm in length - Solitary flowers of 5 to 9 cm diameter, pink or pale purple in colour, topped with a crown of blue-mauve filaments - Edible fruit (oblong-ovoid, greenish-yellow berries) approximately 5 cm in diameter.

Latin name

Passiflora incarnata L.


The South East of the United States and Mexico.

Used part

The aerial parts.

Active components

Flavonoids (apigenin, chrysin): have an anxiolytic, sedative and hypnotic effect.


The dried aerial parts of passionflower have a long tradition of use among Native Americans for digestive complaints caused by nervousness, agitation and hypertension. Recent research demonstrates that it helps to calm agitation and aids relaxation. 1-8, However, it can also be used to promote healthy sleep. 9,10

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