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Intestinal transit of the alimentary bolus

When we eat, the alimentary bolus begins its journey through the digestive tract. Food decomposes into microparticles beneficial to the body, and indigestible residue is eliminated. The journey through the intestine is not easy: the small intestine, with its numerous twists and villi, is approximately 5 metres long! Difficult intestinal transit is often the cause of a multitude of complaints and discomfort.

Our advice for relieving sluggish intestinal transit

“Prevention is better than cure” applies to regular, easy intestinal transit. Minor precautions may prove essential in preventing the slowing of intestinal motility, also known as peristalsis.

The importance of diet

A varied, balanced diet is undoubtedly one of the most effective methods for preventing and helping relieve sluggish intestinal transit: intake of high-fibres foods such as wholegrain cereals, wheat bran, linseed, fresh or dried fruits (dates and figs, for example), vegetables and pulses, with a sufficient amount of water, promote correct intestinal function.

Stress and sluggish intestinal transit

The ideal solution is to manage stress and limit exposure to situations which take a toll on the body and mind. If possible, avoid intensive work and a hectic pace of life, to avoid excessive anxiety. Sports activities, yoga and meditation can help you respond better to stressful situations.

In addition, lack of privacy in the workplace or unpleasant facilities can also stop us from going to the toilet when the need arises... which thus causes us to ignore our body clock when it says: "now is the time".

A helping hand: nature

When we need to balance or supplement our diet, nature offers a wide range of effective plants which, when combined and at the correct concentrations, help stimulate intestinal function in complete safety.


In addition to this advice, you can also turn to the natural solutions from ORTIS.

Discover our fruits, fibres and plant-based solutions in the 100% natural Fruits&Fibres range, for occasional or regular intestinal complaints.

  • Correct stimulation of intestinal muscle contractions
  • Adequate hydration
    (Rhubarb, tamarind)
  • A bulking effect to trigger an intestinal reflex
    (Figs, guar gum, tamarind, dates, prunes)
  • An effect on bloating
    (caraway) (carvi)
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